Tuesday, December 6, 2016

EOTC Swimming

EOTC Swimming

On Tuesday 6 December we went to the Wave pools at Papakura for a fun morning in the water. We where divided into three groups and got the opportunity to learn about water safety and how to float in the lazy river. 








Saturday, December 3, 2016

Learning through play

Today we spent a big portion on the day learning new skills by exploring play based activities in our class.

We learned to:

  • communicate our needs to our friends - by sharing equipment
  • develop our fine motor skills by using play dough in a creative way.
  • develop our hand eye coordination  - by doing marble painting
  • add numbers together by throwing balls in numbered hoops
  • make sense of direction and continue patterns by playing tick tac toe
  • read in our head in the teepee
  • create a christmas tree by looking at proportion





Our visitor!

Today we had a surprise visitor....he came to school in a very cool car. He wore a black mask on his face and his name is  Batman!!! He came to Reremoana School to pay a very special visit to his good friends Tayla-Jade, Hunter and Mrs Cowan.