Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This therm our Inquiry focus will be cultures we will be exploring the cultures in our class. 

During our Roll in the morning children have the opportunity to use different greetings to great the teacher and their friends. We have been using the following to say good morning, welcome, hi:

  • Maori - Ata marie                        
  • Samoan - Talofa                            
  • South African - Goeie more
  • Tongan - Malo e lelei    
  • Hindi - Namastey / suprabhaat
  • Fijian - Yadra/ Bula
  • Nuiean - Fakaalofa atu
  • Dutch - Goedemorgen
  • French - Bonjour
  • Spanish - Buenos dias
  • Chinese - Nee hau

We started off yesterday looking at all the different things that make the New Zealand culture so special. We looked at things unique to New Zealand....lots of things are missing, as we ran out of time..... We will keep adding to the brainstorm and see how it evolves. 

We also listened to the National Anthem and the children had a great time listening to the words and singing along. 

Here are some of the links we used in class:

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