Sunday, February 28, 2016

House spirit Day

On Friday we had a House Spirit day, the children dressed up and came ready to support their house. Great job Room 4!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Office display

Parents please come and have a look at our great display in the office!!!

We had lots of fun creating this window into our class for you!!!

Free choice

Free choice in Room 4


Tate, Juan and Giovani working together to build a truck.


Painting was the favourite activity by far!

Water play:

Brody, Cooper and Nirtika had a great time scooping and pouring. 


 Mercedes, Tayte, Rishaan and Tamsyn enjoyed creating their own work of art. 

 Dye bubble art:

Brody and Cooper having fun blowing bubbles and creating bubble art. 

 We are currently collecting things we can use in our construction area. Your donation of the following items would be greatly appreciated:

  • Bottle tops
  • magezines
  • egg cartons
  • ice cream sticks
  • small containers
  • small boxes
  • pom pom's
  • little bottle's
  • any crafty items.

This therm our Inquiry focus will be cultures we will be exploring the cultures in our class. 

During our Roll in the morning children have the opportunity to use different greetings to great the teacher and their friends. We have been using the following to say good morning, welcome, hi:

  • Maori - Ata marie                        
  • Samoan - Talofa                            
  • South African - Goeie more
  • Tongan - Malo e lelei    
  • Hindi - Namastey / suprabhaat
  • Fijian - Yadra/ Bula
  • Nuiean - Fakaalofa atu
  • Dutch - Goedemorgen
  • French - Bonjour
  • Spanish - Buenos dias
  • Chinese - Nee hau

We started off yesterday looking at all the different things that make the New Zealand culture so special. We looked at things unique to New Zealand....lots of things are missing, as we ran out of time..... We will keep adding to the brainstorm and see how it evolves. 

We also listened to the National Anthem and the children had a great time listening to the words and singing along. 

Here are some of the links we used in class:

Exploring technology

Technology in Room 4

In room 4 we use technology for enriching our Phonics program. We use a program called Starfall that has already been set up on our class computers. Children learn through exploration, they take part in reading and phonics activities and we are slowly starting the maths. This program is very visual and children have a great time while learning. 

                          Aaron - exploring the letter Ll           Tayte - learning letter sounds

                         Amanda - exploring the letter Ii        Mercedes - exploring the letter Aa

Rishaan - exploring the letter Aa

We are also in the process of using Starfall to enrich our maths learning. Juan enjoyed trying out the maths Starfall had to offer. 

Feel free to use this website at home! The more practice the better.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Look what we are doing in Room 4

First we learn to form our letters correctly and have the correct pencil grip. This will assist us in becoming a great writer.




Then we move on to practice our new learned skills in the flour boxes. 

Practice makes perfect!! Well done Room 4